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Conventional wisdom has it that training is the first thing to be cut from the budget when funding is tight. Conventional wisdom, however, is for conventional businesses. The progressive business owner and manager realizes that when competition is tough, that is the time that a strategic advantage is most necessary.

Studies have shown that the difference between average and superior programmers in productivity is orders of magnitude. This is often overlooked - especially around raise time - because it seems so unbelievable. How many other fields of endeavor is such a ratio true for? Does a top taxi driver drive ten times faster than an average one? But a top developer can create a solution ten or more times faster than an average programmer. And the fastest and most cost-effective way to turn an average developer into a great one is through training.

PSDT offers several types of training. We have the traditional on-site instructor-led class format, from a half-day up, on a variety of topics. While highly effective, these days many companies find that many developers cannot set aside the same large contiguous blocks of time for this purpose. So we also offer more personal mentoring programs, designed for smaller groups of developers or even one-on-one, to address specific goals rapidly. And we provide remote instruction, via videoconference, for any number of participants and any length of time - even a few minutes - to help get developers unstuck and back on track for maximum performance.