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Object Oriented Perl

Object-Oriented Perl Course Description: If you can already write useful Perl scripts and want to know how to do object-oriented programming in Perl, or to use some of the many modules which have an O-O interface, this course is for you. The primary objective of this class is to understand how to use and subclass Perl objects written by other programmers, and how to create your objects from examples using popular modules for database programming. This will provide the basis for learning how to do web programming (CGI) in Perl. Key Objectives: You will learn: Syntax for using Perl objects How to create Perl objects, methods, class and instance data How to implement single or multiple inheritance, or subclass someone else's module How to use tied variables to hide implementation details from users Examples of using the DBI/DBD (relational database) and PerlTk (GUI) modules Prerequisites: This course is for the graduate of the "Perl 3" course, or someone with equivalent expertise: You know how to use references, have at least a basic understanding of 'lists of lists', and have some understanding of object-oriented concepts.