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Code Review

Code Reviews PSDT offers code review service to solve two common problems:

The Lost Developers:

In our experience, developers are often left to fend for themselves and end up feeling lost, unsure whether they are on the right track. In turn, their managers and customers are unsure of whether the code they develop is really of the quality they want. Management doesn't have time to become Perl experts to verify the code themselves, and the developers don't get feedback that would enable them to become better.

PSDT will review the code and give the developers useful guidance as to how to improve it. We will give their managers or customers the information that will let them know how the project is going and where to focus attention.

The Mystery Inheritance:

Perl code is often taken over by a group or developer who has little or no information about it. They don't know the extent of it, how it's structured, what its weaknesses are, and may not even know what it does. We can help by using our Perl expertise to analyze the code and give you a strategic view so you know where to go next.

If you're not yet in that situation, but you might be, because you are considering taking responsbility for a legacy system, PSDT can help you determine what you're getting into so you can make an informed choice. Is it going to take days or months to port that system to a different platform, double its performance, migrate to a different back-end database, or whatever else you've been asked to do? We'll help you figure that out.

In both cases, we will produce for you a detailed report that reflects the results of both personal inspection of the code and running sophisticated static analysis tools. We will find code that has been duplicated and provide recommendations for how to restructure to remove the redundancy. We will include an analysis of the readability of the code and how to improve it, and we will provide a report detailing divergences from best practices and recommendations for how to correct them.